Re: NVDA indentation reporting, can it ignore blank lines?

Bruno Aníbal Prieto González

As several have already mentioned, it also happens to me and I find it
quite annoying, it would be an interesting feature.

2021-03-22 5:03 GMT-03:00, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...>:

I advise waiting until 2021.2 cycle to do this, as speech facility has just
received a major overhaul that affected speech synthesizer and related

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I am also interested in this, because I've been finding this behavior
annoying lately.

I don't have time to work on it right now either, but I would imagine you
probably need to monkeypatch something in speech/ It needs to
keep track of the previous non-zero indentation, and for each indentation
that matches it, but was separated from it by a zero indentation, suppress
indentation announcement and beeps. Possibly something in
getIndentationSpeech(), although hopefully not in getTextInfoSpeech().


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