Re: Need Help with Outlook 2010 Message List and NVDA 2020.4


for reading emails, did you try SayAll?
does your friend use laptop or desktop keyboard layout?
insert down arrow in desktop layout which i use,
and insert a in laptop layout if i am correct.

On 3/23/21, Kelly Sapergia <> wrote:

I recently installed the latest version of NVDA, version 2020.4, on a
friend's computer that has Outlook 2010 as the email client. We're
experiencing a problem where NVDA won't read any messages when moving
through the message list. The only way we can read the message currently
focused on is by using Insert+Up Arrow. I personally use Outlook 365 on my
system without any problems, but my friend wants to stay with Outlook 2010.
Is there a setting in NVDA we need to set so it will work properly in the
message list?


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