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Yes, the long-term goal is for important portions of the add-on code to be included in NVDA. Announcing virtual desktops is one of these, and there was an effort to do this for some time. Virtual desktops will become important in the future as evidenced by changes being tested by Windows Insiders.




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On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 12:27 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Can you verify that Windows 10 App Essentials is enabled?


That is critically important, and I'm starting to believe that in addition to Windows 10 Version and Build, NVDA version, and software being used version (when applicable), that a list of NVDA Add-Ons active is something that's needed generally for a number of more in-depth questions.

I cannot recall, but is what is now Windows 10 App Essentials slated to be subsumed into the NVDA core code at any point in the foreseeable future?

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