Re: Using Skype with NVDA

Chris Mullins

Hi Janet

I am no Skype expert but I have been using it for the past lockdown year to keep in touch with my friends.  How do you open Skype?  I press the Windows key to open the search box, type in "skype" (without quotes).   In the list of results, the skype app is at the top and I press enter on it.


I don't understand why NVDA would go silent when an app opens other than you have a NVDA config which silences it somehow.  Check if you have a config profile for skype and get rid of it if there is one.   


I don't know of any Skype related add-ons, there may be some but I use Skype successfully without them


Do you have a Skype account, you should automatically have one if you have a Microsoft account and should be able to sign into Skype with your microsoft userid or the email address you have registered with your MS A/c.


Check these things out first, then we can have another look.





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From: Janet Brandly
Sent: 24 March 2021 18:21
Subject: [nvda] Using Skypewith NVDA


Hello all,


I need to use Skype for a possible new job. However, when I start it, I don’t get any speech. I have tried going in and out of browse mode, and still there is nothing. Would someone mind giving me some quick tips and/or pointing me towards an ad-on? I looked on the NVDA add-on site and just found one. I’m not sure how modern it is. I am using Win10 and the latest NVDA.






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