Re: Using Skype with NVDA

Sarah k Alawami

Try alt and alt again. It is a chromium bug which I thought they fixed. Join my skype group which you can search for at Search for skype english, and ask your question there. We have about 500 users who are willing to help and who have more knowledge than I.


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On 24 Mar 2021, at 11:20, Janet Brandly wrote:

Hello all,


I need to use Skype for a possible new job. However, when I start it, I don’t get any speech. I have tried going in and out of browse mode, and still there is nothing. Would someone mind giving me some quick tips and/or pointing me towards an ad-on? I looked on the NVDA add-on site and just found one. I’m not sure how modern it is. I am using Win10 and the latest NVDA.





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