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Hi, You can talk to your college advisor about it. I don’t know if you have a disability resource center at your college. You can talk to any of them who work at your college disability resource advisor about this. If they allow you to use the free Microsoft softwhere. Can you take something online so you can continue to use it? Then in the mean time you can find another alturnitave for something else. I know Microsoft softwhere such as word and outlook are over priced. You can get a back to school deal in the fall if you want to or if there’s such thing. Use what you have and look for another alternative. Good luck.


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From: Lanie Molinar
Sent: March 24, 2021 9:25 PM
Subject: [nvda] Accessible Alternatives to Microsoft Office


Hi all. I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm looking for

free alternatives to Microsoft Office that work with NVDA and Windows

10. I had access to Microsoft Office for years through my university,

but I had to quit school recently because my health wouldn't allow me to

continue. I doubt I could afford a subscription to Microsoft 365. My

school account hasn't been canceled, so I could still technically use

Microsoft Office free through them, but I'm not sure I should do that,

and I don't want to continue using, and getting more familiar with,

software that I'll eventually have to give up. I know there's

LibreOffice. Is that the best free alternative, or are there others I

should try? Thanks.







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