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Hi. I'll check this one out. The main programs I used from Microsoft Office were Word and Excel. I played with Outlook a bit but found that I preferred Thunderbird. Once in a while, I used PowerPoint, but those times were rare.

On 3/24/2021 11:56 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

          Libre Office is definitely a good, and well supported choice.  Some of this really depends on which programs of the Office suite you actually use and want to replace.

          I really like SoftMaker Office (whether their free version or the paid one, which is much less expensive than Microsoft Office) if you're only looking to replace Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint.  You do have to be certain that you install it using the choice for the Menu driven interface, as so far in the testing I've done it's 100% accessible, while their ribbon interface isn't.  Or at least is isn't in the Free version (which is their 2018 version, they haven't released a more recent one).  I have not needed to purchase anything newer from them, so ribbon accessibility may have improved in their 2021 version, but I would not count on it.

           And, for the record, questions about whether a program is accessible with NVDA, or what programs are accessible with NVDA, are perfectly OK and absolutely on topic for the NVDA Group.

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