Re: NVDA with Microsoft Windows OneCore voice in Vietnamese


Hi Ms. Vy
Try the following
Switch to OneCore Synthesizer
Open Voice settings (Ctrl+NVDA+V
Find the option called Automatic language swiching when supported, and make sure it uncheck.
Now try using the Vietnamese voice to see if this problem is fixed. This case, I guess you open a file which people didn't declare language before editting, and the default language in Word usually English.
Hope that help

On 3/25/2021 7:16 PM, Vy pham wrote:
Howdy all!
I hope you people are all well and safe during the pandemic. Could you folks please provide me with some tips here? I love using the Microsoft Windows OneCore voice in Vietnamese with NVDA. My problem is everytime I access the Microsoft Office applications, specifically Word, I am running into an issue where the language is not reading
properly. Instead of reading in Vietnamese (An), it automatically switches to David, the English American. I am assuming this has to do with the unicode setting? Hints please?
Many thanks in advance!
You all take good care of yourself and your family!

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