Re: Accessible Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Rui Fontes


Now I have managed to change to menu layout...

The menus are accesible.

Dialogs are not accessible!

Rui Fontes

Às 15:17 de 25/03/2021, Rui Fontes via escreveu:


I have installed the suite.

In first launching I have choosen Menu driven.

Program restarted and no accessibility at all...

I can't access the menus with Alt+F, Alt+E and so on.

I can't access the menus using object navegation...


Às 13:34 de 25/03/2021, Brian Vogel escreveu:

          Here's the link to the main page (which includes a download button) for SoftMaker FreeOffice.  I am fairly certain that I discussed installing it either on the Chat Subgroup or Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users group.  What's truly perversely funny is that everything in the setup is accessible except the screen where you choose menu versus ribbon driven interface.  And the interface is switchable in the programs themselves, but if you initially go with ribbon that makes even the switching a nightmare.  But it's easy enough to work through that screen once you know what it looks like just by tabbing a couple of times then hitting enter.  If you need me to look this up, please send me a private message.

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