problems with a punctuation mark

Giles Turnbull

Hi all, this is not a major problem, just a minor irritation!

a couple of Facebook friends of mine, probably due to something in their language settings (one friend is in Belarus), use a pair of ′ symbols instead of quote marks. NVDA reads them as "prime". An recent example was ′′book′′.

I tried adding an entry for the ′′ into the NVDA dictionary, but NVDA still reads it as "Prime prime". I selected it should be the whole word in an attempt to get it to say "quote" for the pair of prime symbols, but still no success. I tried this in the default dictionary, voice dictionary and temporary dictionary, with no success.

I wondered if I might be able to find the ′ symbol in the symbol pronunciations list, but I presume that wouldn't work because, assuming I could specify that NVDA should say "quote" instead of "prime", it would double it because two of the ′ symbols are used.

Does anybody have any suggestions why I can't change the narration of the ′′ pair via one of the dictionaries, and whether there's another way to achieve the result?



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