Re: Strange issue with NVDA 2016.3 and Hims BrailleSense Plus

Chris Mullins

I wonder if details of the Braille device is stored in the NVDA.ini file, I
don't use Braille so don't know but if so, once your friend has got the
Braille device attached and working, try pressing nvda+ctrl+c to save the
current profile. Now try restarting NVDA and see if Braille device still


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Sent: 9 September 2016 10:16
Subject: [nvda] Strange issue with NVDA 2016.3 and Hims BrailleSense Plus

Hello all,

A friend reports installing a Hims BrailleSense Plus with NVDA 2016.3 on
Windows 10 (latest update), and experiencing the following issues:

1. NVDA doesn't retain the braille display selection, and the device must be
selected every time he connects it, or restarts NVDA;

2. The braille display command keys and cursor routings don't respond,
although they did as soon as the device was installed.

Both the laptop and NVDA have been rebooted a few times to check whether
they would return to work correctly, but no success.

I know the braille display is a BrailleSense Plus with qwerty, and that
braille settings are on "Braille display follows focus".

I hope someone has some advice, because the guy is a teacher, and badly
needs his device to work properly at scholl, as well as at home.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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