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David Goldfield

> Did you mean to type OpenOffice?   


I most certainly did not .. thank you for catching that. I should have done a better job of proofreading before I sent that.

You’re absolutely correct. For a while OpenOffice seemed practically dead. They’ve had a few updates over the past few months but LibreOffice seems to be where the development is happening. They also have a dedicated list dealing with accessibility issues. It’s very low traffic but the fact that they even have one is impressive, to me.





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On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 07:14 PM, David Goldfield wrote:

They are similar but OpenOffice releases updates on a more regular cadence.

Did you mean to type OpenOffice?   I have found the release schedule from OpenOffice to be very spotty and inconsistent compared to that of LibreOffice.  There was a time where it really looked like OpenOffice might actually go belly up.

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