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This is a direct spin off of an earlier topic asking about how to get two single quotes, when used in place of a double quote, announced as quote.  Since the description is that the double single quote characters always surround another string, I used that entire configuration.

I have used these two regexes, and tested same using Python regex syntax on my favorite regex testing site:

''(.*)''         Single quote single quote left paren dot asterisk right paren single quote single quote
as well as the enumerated variant: '{2}(.*)'{2}

Both of these match any string I've tried that is preceded and followed by two single quotes successively.

The replacement string I've used, with either one of those, in the default dictionary:  quote \1 quote

It does not work.  

If I have the string:
I hear chinchilla prime.

I know that synths can come into play, but I wouldn't think the synth should matter at all when my replacement should be:
quote chinchilla quote

What am I missing here?

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