Re: OK, great regex and NVDA Dictionary Gurus


Luke & Tyler,

Thanks to you both.  And before I start, I did use straight apostrophe/single quote, the key to the right of the semicolon on the keyboard.

I do believe I may have sorta solved my own problem, and I have probably asked this general question before:  Does NVDA dictionary processing "drop out" after a first match is made?

In earlier experiements for someone who wanted any lower or upper case letter followed by apostrophe read as {that letter} prime, I put in this Regex:
with a replacement string of \1 prime.

This entry is several items above the one I asked about previously.

Now, why under OneCore David that would give the full word, prime, e.g., Gene prime, when I was using Gene, still remains a mystery.

But I'm now thinking that I'm experiencing is a match and drop out before the regex I think should match is ever hit.

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