Re: OK, great regex and NVDA Dictionary Gurus

Giles Turnbull

Brian, thanks for continuing to investigate this reg expression angle. Tyler, the ALT+2032 keypad doesn't produce a character that NVDA describes as "prime" ... I just tried it with the NVDA speech viewer running and, with Num Lock on, it produces something that sounds like "latin letter thorn" and with Num Lock off, it produces a soft hyphen. It does not produce a character that NVDA describes as prime.

I used to have a VBA macro used in an Excel spreadsheet that would generate the ALT codes for specific characters typed into an Excel form I'd created, but sadly I don't have that spreadsheet anymore and, since I created it in my sighted days, I didn't give any thought to being able to access it if I lost my sight!

My Belarussian friend's name is Julia Sharova and she lives in Minsk. Most of her posts on Facebook are public so you're able to view them to see the use of the prime character in place of a quote mark. As I replied in my latest comment on my question that Brian alludes to at the start of this question, because the post is originally written in Belarussian, Facebook runs it through its own translation service, and I have a suspicion that maybe it is running it through optical character recognition and thinking the single quotation mark is a pair of prime symbols, rather than prime symbols being typed by my friend Julia in her original post.

I have already asked Julia a question about what characters she typed in one of her original posts, and she hasn't replied yet, so please don't ask her any questions directly. This is the link to one such example:
https:// is. gd/ 7Svlxw

I have added spaces after the slashes and the dots because I've never had much luck posting links in this forum!

Thanks all :)


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