Re: Accessible Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Hettie <woehler.hettie@...>

Thanks for all the replies. It seems that I was to impatient as it took about 10 minutes to uninstall. My problem with the program was that the spread sheet part was totally inaccessible with NVDA. I am using Open Office again.

Thanks for the Run command to open the uninstall section instead of searching for it, much faster.


On 3/26/2021 5:41 PM, V Stuart Foote wrote:

Launch the Programs & Features directly.

Use WindowsKey  + R   for the Run dialog

enter "appwiz.cpl"

After dialog opens onto the "uninstall or change a program" panel, focus into the list of programs, and locate "Softmaker FreeOffice 2018"

If you have a mouse, right button click for context menu; or use alt-gr keyboard menu button to expose context menu.

Select the uninstall.

Alternatively, once selected you can advance through the UI to the Uninstall button--crummy sequence though.

Deal with UAC (provide an administrator credential if needed).

Uninstall will proceed with NVDA sounding progress bar.

At the end of uninstall a Softmaker survey web page will open with focus.

Finish that as you prefer, then relocate the Programs and Features panel and close it out--not a good idea to leave it running.

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