Re: NVDA Speak Command Keys Function - Turning On/Off

brice Mijares

I  solved the key command issue by hitting NVDA key plus number row 4, Now I'm hearing dot every time I come across a period. Earlier, I was messing around looking for the acute symbol and this caused my current problems. Thanks.

On 3/26/2021 1:28 PM, Jackie wrote:
Brice, NVDA+keyboard 2 (not numpad) turns on typed characters. NVDA +
keyboard 4 (not numpad) turns command keys on. That would drive me
absolute bats (but that's a really short drive for me); maybe it'd
help you, though. Both of these are toggles, so pressing them again
would turn them off.

If these are settings you want to save permanently, then go to the
NVDA menu, thence to 'settings', arrow down to 'keyboard', then check
'typed characters' & 'command keys'.

On 3/26/21, brice Mijares <> wrote:
Some how I manage to turn on some setting that echoes every key I hit. .
please help.

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