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Tyler Spivey

This is easily fixed.
Press NVDA+p to cycle through the available symbol levels.
From lowest to highest, they are: None, some, most, all. Each level
reads more punctuation characters than the one before it.

On 3/14/2016 8:01 PM, Zoe Fiogkos wrote:
One more small question when I'm reading using the arrow keys I here NVDA say for example, the dog barked dot
Is there anyway for NVDA not to read the dots wich are the periods?I feel so stupid, thank you so much now everything works as it should.

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Don't hold NVDA down when pressing 1.
The reason NVDA shift z and NVDA arrows and such aren't working, I
suspect, is because you're using the desktop keyboard layout. Please do
the following:
1. Go to the NVDA menu, Preferences, Keyboard, or press CTRL+NVDA+k.
2. Select laptop in the Keyboard layout combo box, then press enter.
Does it work now?

On 3/14/2016 7:43 PM, Zoe Fiogkos wrote:
These commands are not working in Microsoft word 2013 in the proofing
tool bar with nvda 16.1

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I don't know how different versions of Microsoft Word display such
material. It used to be displayed in a list and you could not left and
right arrow to spell just as you can't in a list of file and folder
names. Use numpad 1 to move backward and numpad 3 to move forward.
These are screen review commands. I don't know if you would benefit
from using screen review commands anywhere else but you might benefit
from learning basic commands.

Numpad 1 is move back to and read previous character. 2 is read current
character. 3 is move to and read next character.

Numpad 4 5 and 6 are the same for word.

7 8 and 9 are the same for line.


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Thanks guys the numpad 5 does spell out the word, but it doesn't let me
arrow through the word carricter by carricter, any other options?

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