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It may also be that those who don't like the command aren't moving to the search results efficiently or between them and the main program window efficiently.  I saw one message discussing  using f6.  But the message didn't say anything about using shift f6 to move back efficiently.  Try using f6 to move to the search results and then try shift f6 to move back to the main program window.  Is that more efficient?
Whatever the case, f6 moves you one direction through different structures such as tool bars or, in this case getting to the edit field.  Shift f6 moves you the opposite direction when moving through structures you can move through in that way.  For another example, Shift f6 often will move you backwards through structures such as dialogs. 

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Well, being a relatively new NVDA user, I simply opened word 2016, typed in a bit of text then did control+nvda+f and looked for the word dog.  It seems to work for me but then I only input a very small amount of text


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Are you in Browse mode or focus mode when you press NVDA+control+f?


(Browse mode, for reading, can use single letter navigation keys and NVDA+f7 elements list like on the web.  Focus mode,you can write text - Word is normally in focus mode).


NVDA+control+f only works in Browse mode, so you need to press NVDA+spacebar in Word to switch to browse mode, but otherwise, it may provide a simpler "find" interface for some than particularly the task panes in the newer versions of Word.






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The NVDA find command doesn't seem to work in MS word. When I press it
it treats me as having pressed ctrl-f, which is the regular Word find
and which doesn't work as well. How do you find text in a Word



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