Re: problems with a punctuation mark

Monte Single

Nol, a check mark is a check mark, it is that little mark the teacher put on your answer when it was correct.

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On Fri, 26 Mar 2021, Steve Nutt wrote:

I was going to mention the Tick. Why is it pronounced Tick, when it
should be Apostrophe or Single Quote? I have changed it in mine, but it’s an odd default pronunciation.
Many screen readers have traditionally done that. ESpeak, as a voice, always has. I think the old IBM screen reader did as well, and possibly some of the other DOS screen readers.

A tick, is the British/Australian English term for what we in the US call a check mark. How that became the acceptable substitute term for the apostrophe, I have no idea, except that it's shorter, as Brian said. As far as I know, the apostrophe and the checkmark have never really looked alike.


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