Re: NVDA alpha-22160,656ecb5f issue when switching between FF profiles


On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 05:12 AM, john doe wrote:
I don't have a Github account, so hopefully this regression can be picked up from here.
Not that mentioning these issues here is inappropriate or off-topic, because it isn't, but hoping that developers might stumble upon a comment here is not the way to get anything fixed if that's your real concern.

And if you're someone routinely using Alpha and Beta software, part of your obligation in doing so is actually logging issues in GitHub.

Creating an Issue in GitHub for NVDA

Creating a Github Account

MS-Word Fillable Form for an NVDA Bug Report Including Pre and Post Filling-Out Instructions

MS-Word Fillable Form for an NVDA Bug Report Including Only Post Filling-Out Instructions

How to Unprotect a Completed Fillable Word Form so the Entire Document Can Be Copied


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