Re: OK, great regex and NVDA Dictionary Gurus



          You're quite welcome.  I came to the conclusion late yesterday, after looking at the page at the tinyURL link you gave, that this was likely some artifact of machine translation.  There is no way in Hades that a living, breathing human being would do this, again and again, particularly when they're using "the usual" punctuation on the right side of the quotation to end it!

           I can't imagine why the closing quote would have made it not work.  If, by some bizarre chance, this regex eventually starts tripping over something else that it shouldn't, I also noticed on the example that there is a space after those two initial prime marks, which I elided into the part of the regex that captures what's in the middle.  You can reintroduce a single space after the two prime marks to make it even more contextually selective if that's ever needed.  It probably won't be, but it's worth knowing.

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