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Hello All,

We have had the NVDA Chat Subgroup since day one, and there is some really interesting traffic on that group that's not NVDA-related, but most of it isn't really what most of us would  consider "chat" in the conventional sense.  The name of the group is a bit of a misnomer because, although social topics are absolutely permitted, they do not constitute the majority of what comes up there.  Most of the topics are dives into the features of programs that NVDA is being used to access, announcements that might be of community interest, questions about whether certain NVDA add-ons might be developed that don't exist, and the list goes on and on.

It was never envisioned that anywhere near to 100% of the main group membership would join the Chat Subgroup, but we've been sitting at just under 20% of our total NVDA Group members having joined the Chat Subgroup. If you haven't considered joining, please do consider joining if you're someone who wants to discuss any sort of topic, including technical topics, that are not about using NVDA, per se.  We'd love to have you.

The traffic from the Chat Subgroup is quite low, at least as things stand now, but if you're worried about that, see my tutorial, Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from Groups.io (docx), and set up topic preview for the Chat Subgroup (or any other Groups.io group where you currently get more individual message traffic than you'd prefer).

NVDA Chat Subgroup Addresses

To join:  chat+subscribe@nvda.groups.io

To post:  chat@nvda.groups.io

To unsubscribe:  chat+unsubscribe@nvda.groups.io

To receive a message containing the group description, and a list of these commands:  chat+help@nvda.groups.io

To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the Web):  chat+nomail@nvda.groups.io

This can also be used to put a vacation stop on group messages, then use one of the addresses below to resume delivery in the format of your choice.

To receive each group messages individually:  chat+single@nvda.groups.io

This is the default delivery unless you send a message to one of the addresses that follows.

To receive group messages in an HTML formatted digest:  chat+fulldigest@nvda.groups.io

To receive group messages in a plain text digest:  chat+digest@nvda.groups.io

To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages:  chat+summary@nvda.groups.io

To receive only special messages:  chat+special@nvda.groups.io

To contact the group owner(s):  chat+owner@nvda.groups.io

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