changing speech

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

Hi all,
Perhaps this may be something for Guithub, but thought I'd start by
posting here. I think maybe there should be an option, or at least
certain settings outside of general, that should be able to be changed
globally, even when application profiles are triggered. For instance,
I was using NVDA today with my wireless earpiece. When I plugged it
in, as usual, NVDA was set to use the speakers, as I don't use this
earpiece all the time. I went in to change the setting, not thinking
about what application I was in, and ended up changing settings for
the Firefox profile, not globally. I can't think of a situation where
I'd want a different synthesizer or sound device when in a specific
application, only maybe the automatic language switching option. So, I
think this should be something always changed globally, or at least
when an application-specific profile is in use, something should pop
up asking if you want to edit the general or the custom profile.

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