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First, are you talking about the actual word dot,,, or are you talking about a period?


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Brian, I have done both of those.
My OS is Windows 10 and I use the latest edition of NVDA.
Where do I go to configure NVDA to speak the word 'dot'?

On 3/28/21, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
I am presuming you've already restarted NVDA and your computer. If not, try

If you have, then take a look at your NVDA dictionaries and, possibly, your
synth. I have no issue with the word, "dot," being read when I've got it in
a sentence. I'm using NVDA 2020.4, OneCore David. I've got nothing, in any
dictionary, that matches on the three characters of the word "dot" in any
way, shape, or form.

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