Locked Discovering your Screen Reader NVDA on "ForallAccesible"

Gerardo Corripio

As a means to spread the word of the NVDA screen reader among the Spanish-speaking blindness community, today over at my podcast "ForallAccesible" available on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast and others, whose aim is to make the Spanish-speaking blind aware of products/services to help better their quality of life (be educational, professional or leisure), I'm starting a series on the NVDA screen reader. Feel free to spread the word on it among those who you feel might benefit.
Its link is at "ForAll Accesible El Podcast
Also be aware that the announcements for future episodes, will be posted to the NVDA's Chat EMail list., to which you can subscribe via chat+subscribe@nvda.groups.io
Also if you'd like to contact me privately regarding this or other future NVDA podcasts in Spanish, my EMail is gera1027@...
Thanks for helping in spreading the word, and enjoy NVDA!

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