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On Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 02:50 PM, Louise Pfau wrote:
Using "bang" for the exclamation mark doesn't make sense for North American users either, since it's not called that in North America.
And so does NVDA itself.  Check the punctuation settings.

While this is not "dirt common" for someone trying to describe that punctuation in an English class, or when discussing it, it is very, very common in computing circles worldwide, and has been for decades.  I first learned bang as an alternative name for exclamation point back in the very early 1980s, and not in the context of screen readers.  Brevity is important when an auditory stream is involved and, as such, hearing bang increases speed significantly.  "Bang,bang,bang," reads a heck of a lot faster than "exclamation point,exclamation point,exclamation point."

But regardless of what the "short version" of certain punctuation marks might be chosen, someone's not going to be familiar with them initially.  That's where asking comes in, along with changing if you really just can't stand it.

Another one, not discussed here and not nearly as common as either tick or bang is hook for question mark.  Same concept.

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