Re: accenting letters

JM Casey

Hey Robert.


Every accented letter will have a different character code. They are each their own symbol; you don’t “add the accents to letters”, as such, as far as the pC is concerned.

So, for the specific accent you want, you can look up the character code (alt code) on the web (or in the windows character map if you can figure it out – it’s gotten a bit more complicated since the XP days and I think I’ve more or less given up on it)…and enter it.

I usually do this by turning the numlock on on my number pad, and entering in the code while holding down the alt key.

So for example, for an e acute, I would enter alt 130.

There are different encoding systems so there are several ways of getting the same characters. But this method works for most common accented letters.




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What do I need to do to accent a letter. I tried what google suggested, pressing ctrl+(apostrophe) then quickly releasing and pressing the letter. this doesn't seem to work.


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