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Quentin Christensen

You can hold down ALT, type a number and release alt.  For instance, to type an "a acute", á, press alt, type the numbers 0 2 2 5 and let go.  Here's a chart:

If you have to type a particular letter regularly, you will likely get used to that sequence.  For instance, I've used the British pound symbol a few times, and remember that it is alt 1 5 6: £.

In some cases, you might find creating a reference file you can quickly access to pull up commonly used symbols.  EG if you work with a lot of different currencies, or music symbols.

If you need to type the letters from a particular language regularly, then you can set Windows up to use the keyboard for that language in Windows Language settings, then you can switch between them with WINDOWS+spacebar.


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On Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 10:18 PM Robert Doc Wright godfearer <godfearer@...> wrote:
What do I need to do to accent a letter. I tried what google suggested, pressing ctrl+(apostrophe) then quickly releasing and pressing the letter. this doesn't seem to work.
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