Re: Musescore and NVDA

umut korkmaz

Hello Marco,

MuseScore is more accessible since version 3.3.

Currently 3.6.2 version is used.

We can write notes.

We can listen to the notes we write.

We can edit the notes.

We can put ornaments and many necessary signs on the notes.

You can access the program and all necessary information from.




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Kimden: Marco Oros
Gönderilme: 31 Mart 2021 Çarşamba 09:25
Konu: [nvda] Musescore and NVDA




Maybe It is strange question, maybe no. I have a question. Is Musescore

accessible with NVDA, or no?


Also, can I enter and play notes with Musescore using NVDA?


Thank You.


best regards


Marco Oros







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