Re: Question about creating application-specific configuration profiles with certain add-ons disabled



             I cannot find a tutorial that delves into this directly, but the NVDA User Manual States:  A configuration profile contains only those settings which are changed while the profile is being edited. Most settings can be changed in configuration profiles except for those in the General category of the NVDA Settings dialog, which apply to the entirety of NVDA.

              Since Add-Ons manager is not a part of the General Settings category, I'd certainly just give it a try as far as creating a specific profile for the application, then disabling an add-on, saving the change, then hopping out of that application and back in again.  Try it with a single add-on as your "proof of concept" and if it does work then tweak the remainder.

               As an aside, many Add-Ons do give you the ability to actually tweak their keyboard shortcuts, so if it's one you'd rather have all the time you could check to see if you can tweak the shortcut that conflicts with your application instead.

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