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I don't know what you read or where, but that isn't true.
I run it using 4GB of RAM, using Windows 7 and either it, or Google based browsers, and they run fine. I also have plenty of RAM to run what else I run. It may be that there are problems involving RAM. I don't know. There may be a memory leak, for example so using Google for long periods may cause it to use increasing amounts of RAM or maybe having a lot of tabs opened may use a lot of RAM, I don't know. But any browser requiring 8GB of RAM wouldn't be widely used..

In addition, it is generally stated that computers of today, running Windows 10 should have 8GB of RAM as the minimum, though you can use less.
I just checked. When I have Chrome opened and a web page loaded in one tab, my memory use, when few other programs are running is somewhere around 58 percent. If I close Chrome, it goes down to about 52 percent.


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how much ram do you have?
i read that google chrome is very intensive in using system resources.
i believe that you need at least 8 gb of ram to use chrome properly.
i really dont like and cant accept chrome and never use it.
my laptop has only 2.5 gb of ram!

On 3/28/21, Marco Oros <> wrote:

I don't know, why, but Google Chrome sometimes behave very strange on My
computer. For example, I am working on Google Chrome and sometimes there
is something, like later echo. Not often, but sometimes. I don't know why.

For example, I am writing on Google chrome and sometimes It says later
key, which I pressed, not at same time. I don't know, how to explain It
better, because I am not English native speaker.

Can I fix this problem?

Thank You.

Marco Oros

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