Re: Strange behaviour of Google Chrome

Marco Oros

I don't know It.

But, I have fixed this problem. I have deleted everything not on My computer, but also sinced data and after that, Google Chrome again works good.

Dňa 4. 4. 2021 o 18:39 zahra napísal(a):

how much ram do you have?
i read that google chrome is very intensive in using system resources.
i believe that you need at least 8 gb of ram to use chrome properly.
i really dont like and cant accept chrome and never use it.
my laptop has only 2.5 gb of ram!

On 3/28/21, Marco Oros <> wrote:

I don't know, why, but Google Chrome sometimes behave very strange on My
computer. For example, I am working on Google Chrome and sometimes there
is something, like later echo. Not often, but sometimes. I don't know why.

For example, I am writing on Google chrome and sometimes It says later
key, which I pressed, not at same time. I don't know, how to explain It
better, because I am not English native speaker.

Can I fix this problem?

Thank You.

Marco Oros

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