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You are stating as beliefs, things that are factually incorrect except in specific cases. The generalizations are not true as generalizations. And they are never true regarding book marks. Book marks don't have anything to do with how fast a page loads. And if you don't have book marks, you are actually taking longer to load pages some of the time. I can book mark not only the home page of a site if I want, but any page on the site I want. I often book mark a page that contains specific information or material I may want to refer to again or read all of if I have read part of it and want to return. I can use history for the same thing, but book marks may be faster and more convenient. Also, if I keep book marks, since they don't slow page loading down, if I do clear history at some point because it may be slowing page loading, the book marks are still present.
I really don't feel like typing every address of every page I want to go to every time I want to open that page, which I have previously visited.

If history becomes too large and/or if the cache becomes too large, that may slow page loading. But they have to become large. I don't delete the cache nor history except if I notice slowness of performance and one or both are large. I delete whatever I think may be large enough to impact performance, not both at once without considering when I deleted history or the cache last.

Deleting the cache before it grows too large may actually cause some pages to load a little more slowly, though I think the difference would be slight on a reasonably fast broad band connection.


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From: zahra
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i set my firefox to cleans all data including history when closing.
i also dont use bookmark.
i believe that its one of the advantages of firefox that my firefox is
always like the time when i installed it for the first time.
i believe that saving data may cause slowness of firefox or any browser.

On 4/5/21, Gene <> wrote:
I don't clean anything unless there is a reason such as slower performance.

I want my history because now and then, I want to go back to a site I didn't

book mark. Also, for those who use visited links when browsing, if you
clear your history, you will not have any more visited links. I have no
objection to clearing history or the cache if there is a reason to do so. I

object to doing maintenance when there is no need on some sort of schedule
or periodicallly just because time [passes.

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I do that from time to time. You clean out your chrome Hystery and data. I
learned that when trying to study for my food save exam. The online
instructor told me you have to clean your browsing hystery from time to
time. I don’t know why but you do. Then it will run better.

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From: Marco Oros
Sent: April 4, 2021 12:18 PM
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I don't know It.

But, I have fixed this problem. I have deleted everything not on My

computer, but also sinced data and after that, Google Chrome again works


Dňa 4. 4. 2021 o 18:39 zahra napísal(a):

how much ram do you have?
i read that google chrome is very intensive in using system resources.
i believe that you need at least 8 gb of ram to use chrome properly.
i really dont like and cant accept chrome and never use it.
my laptop has only 2.5 gb of ram!
On 3/28/21, Marco Oros <> wrote:
I don't know, why, but Google Chrome sometimes behave very strange on My
computer. For example, I am working on Google Chrome and sometimes there
is something, like later echo. Not often, but sometimes. I don't know
For example, I am writing on Google chrome and sometimes It says later
key, which I pressed, not at same time. I don't know, how to explain It
better, because I am not English native speaker.
Can I fix this problem?
Thank You.
Marco Oros

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