NVDA21 incompatible with Code Factory’s Eloquence&Vocalizer voices?

Gerardo Corripio

What news do you guys have of NVDA2021’s incompatibility with version 1.9 of Code Factory’s Combo Eloquence&Vocalizer voices? I’ve a blind friend over at the Spanish NVDA group who is having this problem; he wants to try the Alfa versions of NVDA 2021.1 with the CF voices! the symth is recognized, but the voices don’t run. I wound’t want to run into unpleasant surprises upon updating! Thus if this it so, and because I know some of you guys here also have Code Factory’s Eloquence &Vocalizer combo, to be on the lookout for when the final NVDA version ie released. Any of you have have any ideas what’s going on?

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