Re: Pausing nvda...

Luke Davis

On Mon, 5 Apr 2021, Brian Vogel wrote:

-And, if you're someone like me, who has never found the "Beep Speech" mode to be of any use, you can install the add-on:
I was going to point this out. That said,
I have found a periodic use for beeps speech mode, when performing a long, automated process in which NVDA is chatty, and wanting to be able to walk away from the computer and know when the process is done, but not be bothered by speech.
For example: encoding a large mpeg file, updating certain applications, etc. In these cases, the periodic beeps let me know something is still happening, without being overly distracting as speech would be.
As a consequence, I have stopped using the add-on

In this particular case, there may be some value to knowing that NVDA is trying to tell you something it thinks is meaningful during a Skype call, without actually having to be distracted with the resultant speech.

There is also the option of using NVDA Sleep Mode, the
toggle for which is NVDA+Shift+S (desktop keyboard layout) or Z (laptop).  But once you do this NVDA is off, completely off, without being shut down.
...within the app in which the command is performed. Other apps and services will still speak.


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