Re: Strange behaviour of Google Chrome


You are evidently deleting cookies when you delete browsing data. I don't know what is making the site not work properly. it might be worth experimenting when it doesn't. You can tell browsers what to delete. You can try deleting other data first and save deleting cookies for last.

Another option might be to save your cookies, if that is the problem, at a time when the site is working properly. Do it as soon as you have reentered information and login is again automatic. Then, if deleting the cookies is necessary to solve the problem, restore the backed up cookies.

I don't know if you can back up cookies in the browser you are using. You can using Internet Explorer, but I haven't checcked other browsers.


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Hi. I have to delete the browsing data from Microsoft Edge occasionally. I
was instructed to do so by the technical support for my banking website when
it wouldn't work correctly. I noticed that deleting the browsing data also
deleted the login information for all of the websites I use, so I had to
complete the extra security steps, which in some cases aren't very


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