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However, the beeps are much too high frequency. I find them very annoying. They should be much lower in tone.


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On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 03:33 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
I have found a periodic use for beeps speech mode, when performing a long, automated process in which NVDA is chatty, and wanting to be able to walk away from the computer and know when the process is done, but not be bothered by speech.-
And I can see where that would be handy, on occasion. On those occasions I'd disable NoBeepsSpeechMode if I had installed that add-on, in order to use beeps mode, and then enable it again after the occasion has passed. Of course, if those occasions are frequent for you (any generic you) then there's no point in installing the add-on to begin with.

Of course, here's a case where being sighted, which I am, and able to view the status sans a screen reader makes all the difference. I can absolutely understand how beeps speech mode could be handy every once in a while, particularly with long-running processing you want to be able to walk away from and monitor whether it's completed yet.

I didn't know that NVDA Sleep mode was application specific. Is there another command that allows for NVDA output to be suspended, entirely, while not requiring that one exit it? I could have sworn there was, but perhaps not.

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