Re: What are the accessible mathematics read and write solutions?

Sascha Cowley

There is MathPlayer, which works with NVDA and Firefox to make some maths content accessible. It also supposedly works with Microsoft Word, though I have personally never managed to get this working.
With experimental UIA support enabled for Word, native equations in Word are fairly accessible, or were when I tried it some months ago. I've also had a little success using equations in Google Docs, though I had trouble inputting them. I have not worked with the Docs equation editor very much at all, though, so I may have just been missing something.
Using LaTeX, or a similar (even ad hoc) plane text notation is often successful. The advantage with LaTeX is that it produces nicely typeset output. Unfortunately, it is extremely picky, and debugging output is often not very helpful. Plus it's just a lot to learn.

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