Re: Are there any extensions for LibreOffice?

Richard B. McDonald

Hi Gigi!


Yes indeed, everything you say is correct.  No doubt, some collaboration between NVDA and LibreOffice (LO) seems necessary. 


In fact, I am presently connected with a person in Germany who is involved with LO development and who has a keen interest in improving LO’s accessibility.  He has likewise noted that some sort of collaboration is needed.  My problem is that I do not have any contacts within NVDA to try to connect them with LO.  I have said to my LO contact that I am willing to volunteer to improve accessibility.  I just do not know how to go about it. 


Do you know what I can do to foster this?





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I'm afraid that there aren't any, but I really hope that the accessibility of LibreOffice with NVDA will be improved in the future, because more and more blind users are choosing this suite as this is a very good free alternative to MS-Office. Unfortunately this doesn't depend on the NVDA's developpers only.



Il 01/04/2021 23.07, Richard B. McDonald ha scritto:



I am using Windows 10, NVDA 2020.4 and LibreOffice 7.2.  Are there any extensions for NVDA that improve its accessibility with LibreOffice?  In particular, LibreOffice has a spreadsheet application, Calc, that has some material accessibility issues.




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