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I don't know if an add-on allows such things to be blocked. I just turn off speech, as has already been discussed. The shift command only pauses speech during read all or read to end or whatever its called. Control only stops current speech and won't affect announcements such as we are discussing.

However, at times, it may be useful to hear an announcement. Perhaps you might want to lower NVDA volume so you hear announcements but much more softly.


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You can use the shift key to pause /resume speech when a “say all” command has been issued but I don’t think it will work to block message announcements during a Skype call.



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Hi List,

Maybe I've missed some posts on thisthread.

The simplest way to pause and resume nvda reading is to press the shift key,

like a toggle, off and on.

It works.



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On Mon, 5 Apr 2021, Brian Vogel wrote:

Is there another command that allows for NVDA output to be suspended,
entirely, while not requiring that one exit it? I could have sworn there

was, but perhaps not.

Another? As in: other than speech mode off, which does exactly that?

Or, do you mean a command that will do what speech mode off does, but also

globally disable keyboard intercept as sleep mode does for an application?

If you want that, I don't know of anything, but then I can't imagine why

having that would be easier than unloading NVDA.

Setting your speech synth to "No speech" will do something similar to speech

mode off, and I suppose you can do that with a profile, which you can't do

with sleep mode.


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