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Pranav Lal

Hi Brian,


I agree with you about not having office  keyboard shortcuts in the NVDA user guide. However,  we should have documentation which explains how to do things in common applications in the NVDA manual or in its separate books like the excel book.


Take the example of  needing to determine which is the last occupied cell in a column. I believe ctrl + down arrow does this but when I am using the screen reader, my thoughts are something like:

A mouse user could scroll quickly and find this stuff out, where should I look? In the excel manual or in the NVDA manual for a feature or keyboard shortcut? Mean while, I am down arrowing or perhaps using page down to go down which is a suboptimal way to do this.




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Microsoft documents, and well, each and every keyboard shortcut for virtually every product they make, and definitely for the Office suite programs.

These keyboard shortcuts, and all program-specific keyboard shortcuts, are not NVDA shortcuts and would have no place in the NVDA user guide, as they have nothing whatsoever to do with NVDA (or any screen reader, for that matter).

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