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Having produced documentation and tutorials (including editing the user guide myself), I think it would be better to talk about Excel commands in Excel training module (from NV Access) or a dedicated tutorial series. The role of a user guide is to provide a basic overview of a product, not to serve as a one-stop database of commands. A user guide (or a manual) is designed to get the user up to speed on using a product and to provide a general overview. When talking about more specialized subjects such as Excel, a detailed approach is needed, and this is where tutorials and training books come in.

Another thing to consider is internationalization. Although adding Excel commands can help folks get to know Excel a bit better, this places a burden on translators who must not only translate Excel notes, but also cross-check with local communities on app commands (not all Office commands are the same across localizations). Of the work needed to translate NVDA into another language, documentation is the hardest (this is speaking from experience with coordinating Korean translation, and it took me and another translator weeks to translate, cross-check, and edit the user guide; this was done back in 2012).

Hope this helps.




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Hi Brain,

Thanks for the explanation. I do think however that mentioning these shortcuts in the user guide would contribute to a more central overview. This is also why Alt+Tab, a windows shortcut, is mentioned in the user guide.
Just like Alt-Tab is necessary to navigate through different windows, hotkeys like Control+Arrows are essential for navigating large, non-empty excel files. Including these in the user-guide would give users one single overview of the essential shortcuts for excel.




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