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On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 07:07 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Why should that [prior Windows experience] be presumed?
Because I can count on less than one hand when someone entirely new to Windows suddenly appears on any screen reader venue for the screen readers that are exclusive to Windows.

If there is the odd person who's coming into Windows anew, say having decided to leave the Apple ecosystem, it is incumbent on them to mention this.

I'm willing to bet that were we to post a poll asking something like, "When you were brand new to NVDA, did you have previous experience with Windows (whether with a screen reader or not)?," where the options were Yes/No we'd have very, very, very few "Nos."

And if someone is brand new to Windows, a screen reader group is not the place to be learning the basics of Windows, either.  You really need to have some basic Windows skills before you even try to learn a screen reader "from distance."  It is my opinion, and Nimer can correct me if he is in disagreement, that this group is not now and never has been about teaching basic Windows skills. 

We seem to get way more people who are fleeing JAWS (whatever the reason) than anything else.

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