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Also, if people mail off group, they have no idea how many other people responded or what they say. I am less likely to mail off group because I don't want to go through the trouble of just duplicating what five other people may have told you.


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I'm not going to email off group because the whole purpose of these groups is information sharing. If you are in a rush, then temporarily change your subscription to single messages then back again to digest after "the immediate need for promptness" is done:

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It is impossible to answer whether NVDA Mouse Emulation will or will not work. It must be tried. And the commands for working with the mouse, like so many others, are available in the NVDA Commands Quick Reference that you, or any other user, can pull up any time NVDA is running with NVDA+N,H,Q. The section entitled,

Navigating with the Mouse

, contains the table of all mouse emulation commands.

I still maintain that it is a much surer bet to use the actual mouse, prepared to prevent pointer movement, with its real left and right click buttons, after having issued the command to Move mouse to current navigator object to gain "mouse focus" on it. Message discusses what a "prepared mouse" (or mouse pad) actually is.


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