Re: [Solved] Activating the Mouse with NVDA

Luke Davis

On Thu, 8 Apr 2021, David Russell wrote:

I did consult the NVDA quick reference guide and wonder what is meant by
commands numpad-divide or numpad-multiply?
Numpad divide, or numpad forward slash, is the key above numpad 8.
Numpad multiply, or numpad asterisk, is the key above numpad 9.

Do not forget, that you can always turn on NVDA's key describer mode, or keyboard help, by pressing NVDA+1. That will tell you what all of the numpad keys are, with numlock both on and off.
With numlock on, you can also type any of them into notepad or the like, to learn what symbol is actually produced.

The numpad, logically, contains the digits, the decimal point, an extra enter key, and the four standard operators: add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), and divide (/).
Illogically, it does not contain the equals sign, but presumably calculating programs of the day when the 101 key PC keyboard was standardized, included an enter-as-equals feature.
The designers of the Mac keyboard managed to overcome this oddity, and include an equals sign however, at the cost of shrinking one of the double sized keys.


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