Re: [Solved] Activating the Mouse with NVDA

Luke Davis

David, you have talked a few times now, on at least two lists, about this brokerage. Can you say which site it is?

You're getting to the point that help has to be specific. Actually, you were at that point from the beginning, with the license picture question, but we tried our best to give you general advice for your specific situation--an iffy to losing proposition at all times.

Try control+enter, or shift+enter. Also try space.

Further, you might run the COM registration fixing tool in NVDA's tools menu, which sometimes helps to make certain unusual web controls become accessible, if the reason for their inaccessibility is related to COM registrations being lost.
I had this exact problem during a Mercury bank application last year, and this was the solution that finally did the trick for me.


On Thu, 8 Apr 2021, David Russell wrote:

I am completing an online application for an online automated brokerage firm.
Most questions require mouse clicks to initiate response.
Other than the enter key, which does not work with this application,
what key or key combination will likely open the fields so I can make
the most appropriate choice?

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