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Control+NVDA+F is active whenever browse mode is active. This means find command will work on web browsers, some Microsoft Office applications, and in certain apps that supports browse mode functionality.
Whereas browser find (Control+F) will list search results and does not move browse mode cursor (at least in Edge), Control+NVDA+F works in conjunction with browse mode cursor and will actually move the cursor to the first character of a result. This mechanism is valid wherever browse mode is supported. Internally, NVDA find command is implemented as part of what's called a "cursor manager" - a facility where cursor movement in complex documents such as web documents are specified. On top of this, NVDA may add browse mode support, with app-specific customizations on top. How NVDA can support browse mode for many apps from a common core is beyond the scope of this list, but suffice to say that a layered design is employed, and that's what makes it possible to use NVDA find facility across apps.

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What is the difference between browser find and NVDA find? It seems odd to me that control+F does not work in NVDA as expected when I've had no issues with it in any other screen reader. I would suggest a change here, but I have no idea what would need to be changed.

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Control f is not the find command for NVDA. its control NVDA key f.
Indeed, but it appears the questioner has described using browser find
(CTRL+F) and NVDA Find (NVDA+CTRL+F) and neither is working as expected.
Why that would be, I cannot say, since browser find or NVDA find both
work for me (and many others) when either is used, depending on what,
exactly one is trying to do.

I have suggested trying: The Most Basic Troubleshooting Steps for
Suspected NVDA Issues ( )
as a starting point.


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