Re: update on Firefox with NVDA

Maria S

I would like to make the observation that whenever Firefox crashes or
NVDA starts acting sluggishly, restarting NVDA immediately calms the
situation down. I was having to restart my computer every day, and now
I can go back to doing it once or twice a week. You have to do it
quickly though, because if you wait too long after the crash the
computer grinds to a screeching halt.

Just some experiences, Maria

On 4/8/21, Bob Cavanaugh <> wrote:
Perhaps I should have explained better. My method was as follows:
Control+Alt+N to restart NVDA.
When that didn't work, I switched windows a few times, then in an
attempt to get things to work as expected, started closing Firefox
windows. It was around this time I thought my computer had frozen
which it has had a tendency to do lately, but before I decided to hard
reboot, I fired up Narrator and discovered that pressing Alt+F4 had in
fact been closing windows as expected, but NVDA must have crashed as
it quit speaking.

On 4/8/21, Luke Davis <> wrote:
On Thu, 8 Apr 2021, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:

around for a few minutes then crashed. I was only made aware of this
by firing up Narrator and discovering that I had been closing Firefox
windows all along.
Can you explain that more? To my knowledge, the key sequence to close
quite dissimilar to the one for closing Firefox windows.
I find your lack of specificity disturbing. :)


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