Re: Find On Page

Rui Fontes

By the way, I normally read small PDF files in MS Edge...

NVDA+Control+F do not work on those files...

Rui Fontes

Às 04:15 de 09/04/2021, Luke Davis escreveu:

Hi Glenn, it's been quite a long time.

Yes, it takes you directly to the result, no dialog box.

As others have said, NVDA+control+f is what you want here.

However, since it seems you may have tried that (you said Control+insert+f, but that's the same thing if you have your insert key set as the NVDA key), some debugging steps:

First, do you have "enable browse mode on page load" checked, in the browse mode settings? You can reach the browse mode settings by pressing NVDA+control+b, then tabbing to the option.
If you don't, please check it, then press enter, and again try to do a search with NVDA+control+f.

Can you tell us what browser you are using?

Can you please give an example of a page you go to (so we can go there), and a term you search for to which you expect to be taken but aren't (so we can search for it)?


On Thu, 8 Apr 2021, Glenn / Lenny wrote:

I use control + F to find something on a web page or document with Jaws just fine, but that never works with NVDA.
I've tried insert + control F too and it does not work.
It seems to act as though it did the search, but it does not place me on the page at what I searched for.
In fact, this has never worked for me, I'm sure even before I ever installed any addons.
I just assumed over the years that maybe NVDA does not do this.
When it does work for someone, does it actually move the reading cursor to the spot, or does it say it found something and leave a dialog box open?
I don't know if NVDA has done that before, or if it was something else, but I'm expecting the reading cursor to go to the first instance of my search, as
Jaws does.

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